Chapter 26: WIFE, MOM, BOSS


When I first decided to write this post, I came up with the title first. I had no clue where I wanted to go or what I wanted to say, or what I wanted you to take from it. I was telling my friend about it and she asked “Are you going to talk about how you feel like you’re running out of time?” My response was simple, “No, of course not, Im going to talk about how I’m just getting started…”

This year of my life will be about reflection and growth. Reflecting on what I’ve done in the past, good and bad, and using those experiences to grow and and be better. In the last couple years, I have taken on three new titles: wife, mom, and boss. Each title has had a different impact on my life, but an impact nonetheless.

I got married almost nine months ago! Being just 25 at the time, many people thought I was too young to be “tied down.” I married by best friend for better or for worse and we are off to a great start. Being a wife in 2018 is tough when everybody has an opinion about EVERYTHING, especially the characteristics of “good wife” vs. “bad wife. Well there’s no good wife, bad wife here. We’re just two individuals who love each other and who chose to do life together. Marriage has taught me patience and compromise (both understatements) and I chose to continue to work and love and live. I promise to make more time, laugh more, and dance in the car lol.

When I became a mom, I vowed to be the best mom ever! Then I became a mom of two lol. Having two small children has been the most challenging thing I’ve had to deal with. Being responsible for two tiny humans has taught me acceptance, and adaptability. Children change with the weather while constantly growing and developing.  I feel like I’m raising teenagers and their huge personalities couldn’t be less alike. Starting a family was one of the biggest and best decisions I’ve made thus far. I want to raise the bar a little this year. I promise to be a better listener, more patient, and a better teacher.

The last title is the most affirming. Choosing to do something solely  for myself has been the most trying. I started this blog to have something for myself while helping and relating to others along the way. The support has been more than I ever thought and I am so grateful for the readers I have with only 5 posts! Starting my blog taught me to believe in myself and it also taught me that others won’t always believe in me. When people didn’t share my posts, I decided that it had nothing to do with me, but everything to do with them not having the same vision as me. Working on myself is the most empowering thing I’ve done and I promise to be more confident and more consistent.

So I said all that to say: move at your own speed! Set your own goals and accomplish them. No matter how young or old you feel you’re getting, there is always time to start new. If you feel that there are aspects of your life that you’re not good at or lacking or just wanting to improve, start now, start over, start somewhere. Reflect on where you came from, reflect on the good and the bad, reflect on the experiences that define you. Then use them to grow. This is a great time to start a new chapter. I believe in you.

Until next time.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 26: WIFE, MOM, BOSS

  1. Well hello 26! Great blog as always!! You have to be your #1 and stay consistent everything else will definitely fall into place! Be a new mom and wife i can definitely related to feeling like i dont have enough time and my time is just getting started but of course i have an awesome friend to keep me on track!

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  2. Another “AWESOME” job. Be careful who you share your dreams/visions with. Remember, not everyone will share or understand your dreams and/or visions. That is why they are “yours”. Some people are dream stealers because they have none of their own and others are dream killers because they are envious of the ones you have. Don’t allow anyone to define your roles for you. What works for them may not work for you and vice versa but remain open to the wisdom of those who have already experienced some things in this life because their experiences may spare you some unnecessary grief. Write your vision and place it where you can see it every day. Stay the course and you will accomplish them all. YOU CAN BE A GREAT WIFE, MOTHER & BOSS!!!! Can’t wait for your next post.


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