3 Ways to Make the Most of 2021

2021 is here!!! I am here filled with hope for the year and I pray you are too sis because we made it! We have so much to accomplish this year and I am so excited that you are here for the journey! These last few months have been… rough(for lack of better a better word) and to think of what’s to come can be worse, but it’s coming either way. Here are 3 things to consider as you prepare for 2021:

  1. PLAN – Whether you have a fresh new planner, a vision board, or a daily to-do list, it’s a great idea to have a plan. Some people like to plan for the day and some people can plan for the year. Either way, write it down and get it done. Setting goals will give you some thing to work towards and a way to tell what you have done so we can be proud of your accomplishments.
  2. PURPOSE – Try thinking about your “why.” Remind yourself of who you are are why you are who you are. Daily affirmations, a personal mission statement, or a pep talk in the mirror can help you to remember your purpose. Align that purpose with everything going on in your life and you might feel a renewed sense of urgency to be your best self.
  3. PRIORITIZE – Once you set your goals and define your purpose, you can clearly see what’s most important in your life and where your focus should be for the weeks, months, year ahead. Consistency is going to be key, but you can do it!

Beyond all of these things, enjoy the small things and live your life sis! We were put on this earth for more than working all the time, so try to find something you love and do it, a LOT!

To access this planning freebie, click here. Feel free to save, download, or share.

What are your plans for this year? What are you using to plan it out? Please let me know.

Until next time…

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