“I Need a Break” and Other Phrases That Are Hard For Moms to Say.

“I NEED A BREAK” I screamed. Or so I thought, but maybe I was just screaming in my head. After fulfilling (almost) all of my duties for the week, I want nothing more than to curl up in a ball and disappear to somewhere calm and quiet. But the kids are still yelling “mommy” after they’ve said it 2,000 times today, I now have to get ready for a whole new week of madness, and I’m sure there’s something that I forgot to do that will haunt me in my dreams tonight at 3am.

Why are we like this though? Why do we feel unable to take a break, unable to ask for help, unable to walk away to gather it all back up? Society seems to think women can literally do it all(this part is true), but without ever needing a break. Somehow we have morphed ourselves into always looking so put together on the outside and when we get compliments such as “you make it look so easy” or “I can’t even tell you’re feeling like that” we convince ourselves that it true. That we’re ok, that we should keep pushing and keep pushing.

Sis! We have to start taking a lot more time for ourselves which is easier said than done, but we have to start saying it out loud instead of screaming it on the inside.

“I need a break” It’s ok to need a break to get a snack, take a nap, or just have a moment alone. Sometimes we need that ugly cry in the car or to sip our problems away every now and then. Most of the time we feel so much better afterwards!.

“I need help” I remember when I first got pregnant. I was thinking this is my responsibility and mine alone even though my husband was aways there, I just didn’t ask him to do anything I could do my self. No matter how tired, frustrated, or uninterested. Now I still struggle with it. You may think “well if people want to help they would” which is partially true but in reality, people can read your minds and it’s ok to tell someone specifically what you need from them. If they care, they’ll do it. I’m sorry babe for not always being able to communicate my needs. I promise I’m trying.

“I’m sorry” this one is mainly towards the kiddos because again, we can do it all but we’re not perfect lol and sometimes we may yell or we don’t understand what our children are going through. It’s ok to apologize when you haven’t been the best parent and it builds your relationship with your child. We also have to apologize to ourselves and our partners.

I challenge you to use one of these phrases or any other phrase you are screaming on the inside. I encourage you to be specific for what you need help with or what you are sorry for. I want to hear the other things you have problems saying sis! Let me know.

Until next time…

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