4 Truths I Promise To Teach My Daughters About Life

Parenting is HARD! Basic day-to-day tasks dealing with raising kids is hard. What’s the big picture? Where are we headed with this parenting thing? I know I want to raise strong, independent, ambitious, hard-working, innovative (and the list goes on and on right?) daughters, but I can’t decide how to teach them life lessons. I mean, life teaches you the lesson anyway, right? I have two toddlers right now and I’m failing at potty-training so I can only imagine what is to come, but there are a few things I promise to teach them BEFORE they reach adulthood.


  1. You are enough – I want them to know they are smart enough, brave enough, strong enough, beautiful enough, and anything else enough for whatever obstacles may come their way in this life. I want them to know they are worthy of everything good and just as deserving as the next, but I want them to be able to handle the bad. Being enough isn’t just about “being enough” for something or someone though. I want them to know they have to be enough for themselves too. We can be so hard on ourselves, our biggest critics, the first to tear ourselves down. I promise to teach my daughters that they are enough for themselves, for the world, for the challenges and the victories.
  2. Everybody’s “good judgement” isn’t the same as yours – This concept was a hard one for me. I felt that everybody had to have some good sense somewhere and accepting that people just have different values and those values aren’t always good or the same as mine was frustrating. I will instill in them to respect others’ opinions, but to not feel guilty about about choosing to not deal with unfavorable people. Sometimes those people can be strangers and sometimes those people can be someone you’ve known forever. I promise to teach them about toxicity and letting go and steering clear.
  3. Be fearless, but protective – Toddlers are so full of trust and love and fun because they haven’t been exposed to danger, or betrayal, or heartache. I cannot imagine them not being as willing to try things as they are and I really don’t want to. I want them to take chances and not hold back. I want them to make experiences and get outside their comfort zones and be free. I was always shy and quiet and and I held back and I missed out on opportunities. I am finally being more open and I love it, just wish it had come earlier. I want them they stay fearless and I promise to stay supportive. I also want to teach them about protecting themselves. Protecting their dreams, protecting their peace, protecting their privacy, protecting their sanity. I promise to teach them the importance of self care.
  4. Don’t lose yourself – I hope my daughters are able to make genuine friends because they seem to come few and far between these days. I want to teach them the importance of friendship, healthy relationships, work ethic; I also want to teach them balance. I promise to teach them that nothing is worth your peace and that to be to consumed by a job, a friend, or a relationship is unhealthy. I want them to put themselves first and make their own choices and set their own boundaries. I promise to teach them to walk away from toxic situations because they rarely get better.

There are so many life lessons I hope to share with my beautiful daughters and they have even more to learn on their own. These are just a few I want them to not have to learn the hard way or realize them its too late. If you have any to share please add them in the comments and I will write a part 2.

Until next time.

9 thoughts on “4 Truths I Promise To Teach My Daughters About Life

      1. GREAT JOB!!! Truly words to live by. Now is definitely the time to let them know they are beautiful; smart; and worthy of the BEST this world has to offer and then some. Now is also the time to begin nurturing their little minds and hearts with the things of GOD so when they experience the disappointments of friendships and relationships they will know who truly loves them unconditionally.😊


  1. Awesome read. I think about this daily with my daughter. In addition I want to teach her self love. And starting at toddler stage, I think is a good start. Often times children get caught in thinking they aren’t pretty or good enough because they don’t have what the next person have or look like the next kid. With me instilling in my daughter that she is beautiful, has beautiful skin, has a beautiful smile, eyes etc. ( I can go on and on lol) When I tell her these things she gives off the biggest smile. Even going as far as letting her pick her own clothes out and wear her princess dresses every now and then and me telling her she’s beautiful in her dress or whatever she picks.

    Can’t wait for your next posting. 🙂

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    1. Thanks babe! And I agree! I don’t even want them to have to think about their worth or their values or their beauty. I want them to already have it. The world can be so cruel so kids have to stronger, more aware, and sure of themselves


  2. It’s always a blessing to be able to pass down life lessons and advice to our daughters. I plan on doing the same with mine. Pray for them, love and cherish each moment we have to spend with them. Encourage them, support them, and always be there for them. They often learn from what we do faster than what we say, but keeping that line of verbal communication open will always teach them that no matter what their mothers are there with no judgement, only love. I will share my favorite quote, “There’s nothing as powerful as a mother’s love, Nothing more healing as a child’s soul.”

    Great post momma ❤️

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