The Power of Protecting Your Peace


Be the YOU you know you can be!

I’m at a point in my life where I rarely let people, or things get to me. I listen or observe, say what I have to say, or not lol, and I keep living my life the way I want to live it. What I’ve been practicing is protecting my peace and you should too.

Let’s start by breaking everything down.

Pow•er (noun) : possession of control, authority, or influence. Being in control of who you are and where you are going in vital. Don’t worry about who you used to be and don’t worry about what people think of you. It’s time to take the reins and bring that other person deep down inside to the surface.

You know the saying “sometimes you have to encourage yourself,” well sometimes you have to be your own influence too. You have to look up to the person you want to be and BE! you have to walk the walk and talk the talk even if your have to walk alone and talk to yourself.

Pro•tect (verb) : keep safe from harm or injury. You have to protect your peace the same way you would protect yourself or your family from physical harm. You don’t have to go around like a crazy person, just be cautious. Harm and injury come in many different forms. it can be blatant physical or verbal abuse from a friend or family member or it can be very deceptive. It can look like friends who seem to be supportive, but are waiting on you to fail. Even people who know nothing about you can find ways to attack your peace.

You must be vigilant and WATCH YOUR BACK!

Peace (noun) : freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. Peace is a virtue. It should be higher your list of things you hold dear to you because your peace it essential. You can go through life thinking about the past and the problems, you can go through life anxious and afraid of the future, or you can go through life trying to enjoy whats going on in your life right now. Here are a few ways to take control over your life and protect your peace:

• Embrace what you’re going through – we all have our downfalls and we all go through growing pains. Take it for what it is and go for it. Stand up to your problems and remind yourself that its only happening for a little while. Speak your positive affirmations, write them down, post them where you can see them because you are stronger than what you’re going through.

•Rid your life of bad energy – bad energy can be a job, friends you’ve outgrown, a bad relationship, and many other things. Don’t be afraid to let these things go. A lot of people left their baggage in 2017 which is fine, but if you brought into the new year, you can leave it in January, or leave it in Monday, or leave it the morning rush hour traffic. Just take that step and embrace the growth.

•Celebrate the little things – You made it through another day at work, CELEBRATE! You took a risk and it didn’t go as well as you planned, celebrate anyway. You put your first $50 in your savings account, CELEBRATE. You only had $20 for the savings the next month, celebrate anyway because you are important to you, right?

Next time something is happening your way, good or bad, make sure you embrace it wholeheartedly, block out the bad energy, and celebrate whatever you can because your peace depends on it! Don’t forget to protect it.

Until Next time…

10 thoughts on “The Power of Protecting Your Peace

  1. I love this!!!! Thank you for all the gems. That line ” Just take that step and embrace the growth” This can be the hardest part sometime putting words into action even when we know its for our greater good.


    1. Thanks babe!! Glad you like it and yes. That first step is the hardest but once you realize you’re still here and still breathing and you’re ok, it gets a little easier. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This really hit home with me because 2017 has been terrible to me. I have lost so much and i have suffered greatly and been heavily affected mind, body and soul. Thank you for these words because I really needed them.


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