4 Things We Can Take Away from Beyonce’s Homecoming

Ladies!! If you are a living breathing human-being, I bet Beyonce gave you so much LIFE in her Homecoming documentary. We were taken through her 2018 Coachella Performance and exposed to a lot of the sacrifices, struggles, triumphs, hard-work, and support she encountered behind the scenes. We see her go through normal people problems that we can all learn something from.

4. You have to create your own work-family balance – During the months leading up to Coachella, Beyonce had to give up endless hours with her growing family to achieve this beautiful once in a lifetime honor: to be the first black woman to headline Coachella (it’s really crazy that we still have “first black” anything in 2019 right, but anyway) and what an honor it was. You saw clips of rehearsals where Blue was right in the mix dancing and singing along, she talked about going out to the trailer to breastfeed her twins, but there were times where she said ok y’all, I’m going home to my babies tonight. Often times, we work so hard to “provide” for our family that we miss the mark on quality time. We know that Beyonce is a workoholic and perfectionist, but we also got to see this compromised to be a mom! Thanks mama Bey for being a good mom to your kids and showing us that you go hard at work so you can go hard for your kids.

3. Sometimes you have to push yourself further than you ever thought you could – In Homecoming, Beyonce talks about being very uncomfortable with her body after having the twins. This is something most mothers have felt after have a child. We saw her chubby face, big boobs, and mommy-tummy and we saw her pushing herself in multiple ways to get back to her “normal self” which will probably never be normal again. We have plenty to complain about. Not making enough money, gaining weight, not this or that enough and sometimes we just don’t just need an extra push, but we need a divine, glorious, top-notch shove that will challenge us in ways we never thought possible. It may seem hard, but bring out the you that’s inside of yourself that’s fighting to get out.

2. Motherhood can be empowering! We see plenty of beautiful women all over the industry who are making motherhood marvelous. We all know know that parenting is HARD! Unless you’re a super mom with perfect children, you have doubted yourself, felt unfit, cried, felt insecure, anxious, and overwhelmed. You may have even felt all of these things at once. Beyonce showed us a lot of these same emotions and even though she has plenty of help from family and nannies, she still felt the struggles that we all feel sometimes. You can be a “mommiana” if you want girl! “Get up, Dress up, Show up, and never give up.” Remember that outside of your kids, you are a fierce, beautiful, capable, brilliant woman.

1. You can have your own “Homecoming.” Homecoming celebrated black heritage, HBCUs, feminism, and so much more. Bey stated that though she never went to college, but always loved everything about them. So what you didn’t finish college or even go to college at all. So what you “don’t have your life together” or whatever that means. No matter what stage you’re in in your life, you can always have a homecoming. Going back to your roots may mean evaluating your goals and values. It may mean starting something new or quitting something old. Beyonce’s homecoming was to commemorate life, liberation of self, growth, self acceptance, and self celebration.

Toast to homecomings of us all!

Until next time…

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